A Lonely Place To Die

Director: Julian Gibley
Writers: Julian Gibley, Will Gibley
Starring: Melissa George, Ed Speelers
Running Time: 99mins

The last time the Brits ventured into the mountains for celluloid it produced Neill Marshal’s gut-punch that was ‘The Decent’, a no-holds-barred drop into hell.

A comparison like that may be unfair, but ‘A Lonely Place To Die’ holds more than a few similarities to Marshall’s cult fav.

Instead of 5 ‘chicks with picks’, here we have 5 mountaineers who, while wandering through the Scottish Highlands, stumble upon a Serbian girl buried in a hole. Pretty soon we discover whoever put her there is coming back for her which leads to the 5 running for their lives, trying to survive the killers on their heels and the treacherous terrain in front of them.

Demonstrating that he is an evolving talent, Julian Gibney shows remarkable restraint (something totally missing from his debut a coupla’ years back, ‘Reckoning Day’) through the proceedings until things kick into high-gear in the second act when the film basically becomes a cat-and-mouse thriller.

Melissa George justifies her salary by getting six-colours of lard kicked out of her, Ed Speelers (all grown up since ‘Eragon’) tags along but has little to do except moan a lot, but it’s Sean Harris, here delivering yet another quality baddie that will likely be the thing you remember from this, not entirely hopeless, brit-flick.

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